I’ve always found Carl Sagan’s voice very hypnotic (if you haven’t yet, go listen to one of his audiobooks – one narrated by him, of course), allowing me to carry my imagination into faraway worlds.

This short film depicts some of those worlds with the ambition that only Carl Sagan’s words fuel:

Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist

Sugru’ing the house

I’m quite fascinated with Sugru, the magical mouldable glue that turns into rubber and that fixes (almost) everything. I bought a black and white 8-pack and used it to fix a bunch of stuff around the house.

Like this trash bin, in which IKEA thought it was a good idea to to have the nut and bolt that secures the side handles traverse to the inside, thus ripping apart every trash bag that I pull from it (when it’s full). Add a bit of Sugru and … no more ripping trash bags.


Or like my toilet, where one of the supports had broken off. Add some sugru and… no more sliding toilet seat.


Or like my dish rack, that made an infernal noise scratching the kitchen counter. Add some sugru and… no more screeching nails-like sounds.


Or like my wife’s iPhone 4 USB charge cable, that has seen better days. Add some sugru and.. it will last for a few more years (which I can’t say of her iPhone).

IMG_8886 IMG_8887

These were just some of the things I needed to take care around here. Head on to their website where they have dozens of different applications. They’re even doing an advent calendar thingy for Christmas.

Keep sugru’ing…

One Reader to rule them all


Yes, it’s as simple as that: this is a reader app that merges several different news sources (which includes facebook, twitter, feedly, feedbin and app.net) into one convenient place for binge reading.

I’ve been beta-testing this app for the past few weeks and I can say it’s absolutely perfect for this purpose. And once you get used to the gesture-based UI, it turns into a great productivity tool as well, especially for RSS feeds.

So, if you’re tired of using several different apps to catch up on all your reading, give OneReader a try.


Controlling a toy car in a race track using an Arduino and a sonar

I thought about creating different ways to control a toy car in a race track, instead of the typical handheld joystick-like device. One of those ideas was based on the use of a sonar (that measures distance to an object) as the controller for the car – the closer the hand to the sonar, the highest the acceleration.


However, considering that the sonar works through eco-location and that the track makes an infernal sound, the sonar accuracy is affected by the sound of the track, thus rendering this approach useless.

Any alternative ideas? I will try the best one (as long as it is not cost-prohibitive) :)