Some tips for Mac OS X
Published by António Lopes on November 22, 2011
Categories: Apple, Geek, Mac, Technology

I’ve been acumulating a lot of links to some interesting Mac OS X tips on my Instapaper in the hopes that I’ll have the time to write a post about them individually but since I don’t see any chance of that happening any time soon, here’s the list for your enjoyment:

  • Select Text in Quick Look Windows – This one has bothered me for quite some time, but I’m glad there’s a solution for that. It’s perfect for when you need to copy a snipet of text or code from a document and you don’t want to bother opening the clunky editor just for that.
  • Always show the Outbox on – This together with this will do the trick.
  • Enable Full Screen Support for All Apps – Pretty self-explanatory
  • iCloud Documents in OS X – If you need to create iCloud-stored iWork files on OS X, here’s the tip.
  • Share Files between Mac and Windows – I also used this tip to share a DVD that for some reason was not working on my Mac DVD drive.

You’re welcome.


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