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Published by António Lopes on February 16, 2012
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Inspired by what @andr3 did for his brother (@brunoluis) as a Christmas present, I decided I wanted to do something similar for my wife on Valentine’s day: a simple website where she could browse her Instagram photos. But instead of a static website that I’d have to constantly update as she would take more and more photos, I wanted a dynamic web app that would automatically update as new photos would be taken.

So, I had a look at the Instagram API and was quite amazed by how simple and quick it was to set up a simple web app to browse the photos. I just had to apply a bit of CSS and JavaScript wizardry… et voilá! A simple Mosaic Photo Browser for your Instagram photos.

Mosaic Photo Browser

Obviously, after it was developed I realized that, since I used the Instagram API (even though I was only planning to do this for my wife as a present), the web app could be opened to anyone with an Instagram account. So, after Valentine’s day has passed (wifey loved the present, by the way), I just made the quick adjustments to make the site more generic (I think the introductory love message on the site wasn’t suitable for every user) and it should now be ready for primetime.

Now remember, this web app is not meant to be a full-fledged Instagram client (for that, there’s Statigram). It only allows you to browse your photos (and those of the people you follow) in a beautiful mosaic. Although other features can be added in the future, for now the main goal is just to offer a quick way to view your photos when you’re on your computer.

Because it uses the Instagram API, this web app never asks for your username or password. That is done through the Instagram API OAUTH mechanism, which means that this web app never has access to your private information.

Also, this was developed to be used by modern day browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Please, avoid using Internet Explorer. It’ll still work (hopefully), although I can’t guarantee it’ll be a pleasant experience.

If you have any comments, you can just post a comment here or hit me up on Twitter: @tonyvirtual.


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