Trolling someone that feels superior
Published by António Lopes on April 17, 2012
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If there’s something I despise is people that use the little power that they have to make everyone else’s life more difficult.

Today I received this joke on my e-mail and I simply have to share it:

Every time that a person goes to a doctor’s appointment, the doctor’s assistant always asks for the reason he or she is there in front of everyone else in the waiting room. And the patient has to politely answer even if the situation is slightly embarrassing.

One of those times, when the doctor’s assistant asked me what was the reason for my visit, I stated: “Well, I have a problem with my penis.”

This obviously caused a bit of an altercation in the waiting room and the assistant replied: “Sir, you shouldn’t say those things out loud in the waiting room.”

Me: “Why not? You asked me the reason why I was here!”

Assistant: “You could try to be a bit more discrete. For example, you could say that you have a problem with your ear and then later discuss the real reason with the doctor.”

So I smiled, got out and went back in: “Good morning!”

Assistant: “Yesss??”

Me: “I have a problem with my ear.”

The assistant smiled, nodded and then asked: “And what seems to be the problem with your… ear?”

Me: “It hurts when I pee.”


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