The rules for a successful magic trick
Published by António Lopes on June 5, 2012
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Teller Reveals His Secrets
(image by Jared McMillen / Aurora Select – Smithsonian Magazine)

This article is two months old (which in Internet years is like…I don’t know… 12 years?) but it is definitely worth a reading. Teller, from the famous duo Penn & Teller, outlines the basic rules for a successful magic trick and then proceeds to explain how to mix all of them in a simple magic trick that, with quite a lot of training, you can even perform it yourself and amaze those around you.

The brilliancy of the article is in the way it deconstructs a magic trick and shows how some magicians really understand the human brain (much better than some neuroscientists or psychologists) and are able to deceive it into believing that magic is real.


  1. Luis Silva says:

    I love Penn & Teller!
    I have all their Bs tv shows and had the chance to meet them after a show!

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