Another year, another epic Codebits
Published by António Lopes on November 18, 2012
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That’s it, Codebits VI is over and I (and the rest of the team members) have reasons to be happy. Our project, ePutty, was quite popular amongst the folks at the conference and we got the 8th place at the 48 hours programming competition.

I could explain everything about the project but since we made a video for the competition, I might as well show it:

Initially, our goal was just to build something that could be used by children to model basic figures and then send them to a 3D printer. But given the popular demand at the event (we even got to be interviewed by national news and showed on national television at primetime), we think that this kind of product has a huge potential and can really help revolutionize 3D modeling for the masses.

Even Rob Bishop, from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, was so happy for the fact that we used a Raspberry Pi in the project that he tweeted about it:

As for the rest of the event, it was the usual epic stuff. Lots of great ideas jumping around (really cool projects this year), lots of junk food, lots of work and lots of fun (if Nerfs are banned for the next year’s edition, I’m pretty sure we’re the reason why).

The event is gaining such a dimension that, for next year’s edition, Sapo has already announced that it will take place both in Portugal and Brazil, simultaneously. I’d love to go to Brazil for that, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to Sapo for creating such a great event and big thanks to my team members, Basílio, Andreia and Pedro. Lobsters power. OOZ.


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