Should we start worrying about this asteroid?
Published by António Lopes on March 9, 2013
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I know this is old news1, but I guess it’s worth the consideration: asteroid 2011 AG5, an asteroid roughly the size of a football stadium, is thought to be in a (albeit improbable) collision course to Earth.

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Before you start panicking, let me explain: this asteroid is currently cruising through our Solar System and is orbiting our Sun pretty much the same way as our 8 planets2 are. It will pass by our planet in 2023 but in a completely safe trajectory. The problem is when it is planned to pay us a visit again in 2040. According to scientists, there is a 1 in 625 chance that the asteroid will hit Earth.

Scientists will know more about the asteroid (and its trajectory) once it comes out of the other side of the Sun, which should be later this year. Future observations will probably reveal that there’s no reason to worry. But… what if? The chances are really slim, but after seeing what an (estimated) 15 meters asteroid did in Russia, I think we should consider what our plan is going to be.

Don’t you?

  1. In Internet Years™, it’s ancient really! []
  2. Sorry, Pluto! []


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