The importance of good and appealing design
Published by António Lopes on January 7, 2015
Categories: Geek, Internet, Technology

I’m not a web designer, I’m a programmer. I do suffer from the typical programmer syndrome of trying to solve everything with a piece of code. But I also understand the importance of UI design and experience. I always take the opinions of the design people very seriously since I’ve seen the wondrous effect of taking their advises translated into web site visits and engagement.

This example from Reddit is just a sample of what that means.

Reddit's Login Change

In their case, this design change meant an 8% increase in new-user registration. You might say “Meh, 8%, that’s not that much!”. Well, in this case 8% means almost a quarter-million more users. Now if only they would do the same to the rest of the website…



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