Redesigning popular websites
Published by António Lopes on January 29, 2015
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I admire those people that take some of their personal time to come up with a redesign of popular services such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. And what amazes me the most is that some of these proposals look better than the original, which kind of makes you think: “Why aren’t these people getting hired by these companies?”

Here’s a Twitter redesign proposal (by Estie Carrillo):

Twitter redesign

And here’s a Facebook proposal (by Vitalijs Silkins):

Facebook Redesign


You can see a bunch more of these redesigns here. It’s quite interesting to see that YouTube seems to be the only one that’s unfixable.

Also, yesterday a colleague showed me this amazing redesign of Google News website:



The amount of work included in this piece is just overwhelming. I hope this guy gets some attention. Check for more details on this redesign here.


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