Batman v Superman (v Doomsday… with some help from Wonderwoman)
Published by António Lopes on December 3, 2015
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Now that I’ve seen this trailer, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like this movie (much in the same way I didn’t like Man of Steel). But while there’s some hope (because I haven’t actually seen the movie yet), here’s some thoughts on this trailer:

  • There’s absolutely no mystery now. The cat is out of the bag. And I hate trailers like this.
  • So for the plot: the bat wants revenge from all of the destruction brought by the man of steel (and also he’s probably just jealous of his god-like powers) and the superdude doesn’t like gotham’s vigilante’s way of doing justice. They fight up to the point where they both have to bury the hatchet and then turn to a common enemy, which is now revealed to be (probably) Doomsday.
  • The fight between the superdude and the bat looks more like a bar fight between a very drunk batman (that thinks that he can take down the man of steel) and a very condescending son of krypton (“Stay down! If I wanted it, you’d be dead already”). I preferred the way things were before when we thought there was still a chance that Batman could take down the Man of Steel (remember the “Do you bleed? You will!” part?).
  • The Doomsday thing hints to this, which probably means that the bat and the amazon princess will save the day (probably with some help from the man that speaks with the fishes)
  • This pisses me off: why does Doomsday look like a troll from out of a Harry Potter story? Seriously, what the hell is that?
  • Wonder Woman looks hot! It appears that she was a very nice casting choice (so far – perhaps we should wait until she actually speaks).
  • A mystery yet to be solved: why does this Lex Luthor look like a transgender version of Lex Luthor? They’ll probably make him bald throughout the movie (probably from messing around with the stuff that will allow him to “build” Doomsday – kryptonite?) but, seriously, what’s up with that hair?
  • And finally, what’s with Batman and the machine gun? Seriously, he’s seen that troll monster destroy a few city blocks with laser rays from his eyes and he stands up to him with a machine gun? WTF?

I sure hope I get to swallow all of this when I admit the movie is really good… but it sure looks like I won’t. Let’s wait for 2016.


  1. Trailers this spoilery are usually a sign that the studio is unsure that the marketing is drawing enough buzz. I see it as a desperate way of saying “See! This famous thing is happening! Come see it!”. Contrast it with how Marvel does its business, in which things are hinted at in the trailers but never completely shown (or purposely altered to hide major plot points). I mean, you never saw Vision in the trailers, right?

    As for what they spell out in the trailer… it’s leaving me even more colder to the movie than I was before. The dynamic of Clark clashing with Bruce is fine with me (as is the eventual “unity for the greater good”). It’s a comic book staple for both those characters, so I like that it is there. But then they add Lex and… I never liked the portrayal of Lex in the movies, he’s a megalomaniac for sure, but always comes out goofy. I blame Gene Hackman’s portrayal for that trend (then again, I despise the Richard Donner Supe-movies). So having him sounding like a kid hitting puberty with a cracked voice is just… lame. His relationship with Supe is one of brains against brawn (Supe is “dumb”, he punches his way out of trouble), so Lex was always supposed to be the calm, cold, bastard that plays a long game of chess to outsmart the Man of Steel. Bruce Timm’s (Warner Bros) Animated Universe – that started with the brilliant Batman Animated Series – got this right from the start, and it is still the best representation of this dichotomy outside of the comics. Giving him tons of hair just to emphasize the contrast when he inevitably goes bald is just… lazy screen-writing.

    Also, having him create Doomsday out of Zod’s corpse is a nice bit of continuity, but a waste of a character. Sure, Doomsday is not a thing that works very well has an smart antagonist since all it does is “smash smash smash” (see all Hulk movies for more on how stuff like that doesn’t work as compelling story-telling), but I think the context in which it’s being inserted (man-made monster) diminishes the original threat. Then again, Doomsday was only vaguely cool in him slow and ponderous reveal during the “Death of Superman” storyline (which won’t happen here, that’s my bet). The further uses of the character in the comics have been absurd (“It killed Superman… oh, actually not really. Oh wait, then what’s the point?!”). Also, yeah, it looks terrible on screen… the face is just… wrong.

    Against what most of the Internet says, I do like Batffleck so far. But my final bet is: it will be pretty to look at, but mediocre and forgettable like Man of Steel.

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