Will clean meat change veganism?
Published by António Lopes on July 12, 2018
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The term clean meat does not refer to the act of actually cleaning a piece of meat but rather the technology of producing meat in a laboratory through cell replication. How does that work? Well, it’s just easier to watch this video that gives you a nice intro on the subject:

This technology is still in its early stages, but if the companies behind this endeavour actually achieve their goals, this can have a massive impact on the planet. Consider the following:

  • Environmental impact – the production of clean meat does not use the excessive amount of water, food and land that is used in animal farming. Considering that animal farming is pointed as one of the main elements affecting climate change, this will be hugely impactful.
  • Ethical animal-based products – the production of clean meat does not require killing an animal since only a very small amount of cell tissue (and blood) is used from the animal. This also means that there’s no need to farm the vast amounts of animals that are farmed today, which is the reason why animals are so barbarically treated (for the sake of efficiency and cost reduction).
  • Health benefits – the end result of clean meat is that it is actually cleaner, because lab-grown meat does not carry bacteria or need antibiotics.

This is of course the promise of the science behind clean meat. Nobody can really guarantee that these companies will be able to reach the necessary levels of efficiency that will enable the production of tasty and cheap clean meat.

But what if they do? Will this be enough to change the minds of people like vegans? Considering that the large majority of vegans point these 3 reasons (environmental impact, cruelty to animals and health reasons) as the motivations behind choosing that way of life, would a technology like this make them go back?

Would you as a vegan change your mind?


  1. Dave says:

    Veganism is terrible.
    If everyone were vegan, the cow would cease to exist, it would become extinct.
    In addition the growing of grains would degrade the soil, leading to a lack of co2 being stored in the soil, plus the soil become continually less productive.

    It is quite shocking that somehow vegans feel they have the moral high ground.

    We all need to eat more meat. But, pay more for it, to ensure the farmers can give the animals a good quality of life.

    • If I interpret your comment correctly, isn’t it implied that the same will happen with the “clean meat” approach (since it will rely much less on animal farming, thus lowering the need/motivation for the existence of cows)?

      • Dave says:

        Yes. Scientifically it is an interesting project. But ethically it seems incredibly dubious. Plus I have some doubts it will taste too good!

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