Published by António Lopes on May 24, 2017
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… is to drink the “perfect martini” as he himself describes it.

Living in the shadow of the great Sean Connery meant that many didn’t consider him a worthy James Bond, but he sure made the 70’s and 80’s Bond look cool (and very much entertaining). He’s the first Bond I watched and therefore he embodied that persona in my head. It hasn’t until a few years later (when my father told me that there were other actors impersonating this British spy) that I became acquainted with these other iterations of the enigmatic “Bond, James Bond” character. But at that time, the Roger Moore’s take on James Bond had already stuck in my head and everything else felt short in comparison.

So, it’s sad to see him go, but it’s a good thing that he left this great body of work for all of us to enjoy.

R.I.P. Mr. Moore. Now you can drink as many martinis as you want.

I don’t usually care about in-flight entertainment, since I carefully plan what I’ll be watching, reading or working on during flights and I pre-pack my laptop and kindle with the necessary stuff. However, last week I was travelling to Angola and the plane I was in had one of those neat in-flight entertainment systems per seat and I decided to try it. It was packed full of movies, tv shows and music and since I had a few hours to kill, I decided to watch a couple of movies (and maybe doze off until arrival).

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I’ve recently watched two movies that are quite different but equally great. I just feel I should share them with you:

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Published by António Lopes on April 21, 2012

Trust (2010)

This is not the kind of film that would win an Oscar. Nor the kind of story that is completely new. In fact, you can see what will happen next a mile away. But that’s exactly what’s so powerful about this film. It tells a story that, sadly, is more common than it should. There are no surprises in the plot, but with each new scene you feel more compelled to keep going in the hope that something will be different, that somehow this will tell that same story but with a different, less painful ending. But it won’t. And you will feel as powerless as the parents in the movie.

If you’re a parent, this movie is mandatory. If not, well, see it anyway. Fully recommended.

Here’s a great and funny analysis (and alternative story) of the first episode of the Star Wars franchise that could have actually turned it into an interesting movie.