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Teller Reveals His Secrets
(image by Jared McMillen / Aurora Select – Smithsonian Magazine)

This article is two months old (which in Internet years is like…I don’t know… 12 years?) but it is definitely worth a reading. Teller, from the famous duo Penn & Teller, outlines the basic rules for a successful magic trick and then proceeds to explain how to mix all of them in a simple magic trick that, with quite a lot of training, you can even perform it yourself and amaze those around you.

The brilliancy of the article is in the way it deconstructs a magic trick and shows how some magicians really understand the human brain (much better than some neuroscientists or psychologists) and are able to deceive it into believing that magic is real.

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Check out this awesome comic here. It’s full of hilarious analogies such as this one:

Finding out Mars had life on the day we found out it was better than us was painful. Like meeting a long lost brother by walking in on him doing a commendable job screwing your wife.

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If you follow this blog you’re no stranger to these futuristic ramblings about how the human race will use their technology to become (somewhat) immortal. But this particular view, in which the afterlife is depicted as some sort of a privatized service, is simply brilliant and shows exactly how the future can be so scary in terms of copyright content.

As the authors say: “the Singularity, ruined by lawyers”

see here via Artur Ventura

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If there’s something I despise is people that use the little power that they have to make everyone else’s life more difficult.

Today I received this joke on my e-mail and I simply have to share it:

Every time that a person goes to a doctor’s appointment, the doctor’s assistant always asks for the reason he or she is there in front of everyone else in the waiting room. And the patient has to politely answer even if the situation is slightly embarrassing.

One of those times, when the doctor’s assistant asked me what was the reason for my visit, I stated: “Well, I have a problem with my penis.”

This obviously caused a bit of an altercation in the waiting room and the assistant replied: “Sir, you shouldn’t say those things out loud in the waiting room.”

Me: “Why not? You asked me the reason why I was here!”

Assistant: “You could try to be a bit more discrete. For example, you could say that you have a problem with your ear and then later discuss the real reason with the doctor.”

So I smiled, got out and went back in: “Good morning!”

Assistant: “Yesss??”

Me: “I have a problem with my ear.”

The assistant smiled, nodded and then asked: “And what seems to be the problem with your… ear?”

Me: “It hurts when I pee.”

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I’ve discussed a bit about this possibility here, but this is a more lighter version of it (by SMBC) 🙂

Here’s a great and funny analysis (and alternative story) of the first episode of the Star Wars franchise that could have actually turned it into an interesting movie.

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Part of my job as a researcher is to attend conferences and to go through some painful presentations from people that have absolutely no idea on how to make their research interesting to other people that are not exactly as familiar to the subject as them.

The following presentation (that even has the corresponding paper for consultation) is obviously a caricature for those kind of presentations but I’m pretty sure that I’ve sit through some presentations from which I retained as much on the subject as on this one:

Via Wired

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