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When I was a kid, I used to do these spinning paintings using a small motor (salvaged from a broken toy car) connected a 9V battery with a piece of paper on top. The effect was mesmerizing and I had fun for hours.

Last week, given the amount of hardware I gutted for parts (for a digital fabrication workshop), I ended up with a bunch of different motors and that brought back those memories. So, I decided to do the same setup again, this time using an arduino (to easily control the speed given to the motor) to see if my son would find it as amusing as I did.

Check the video for a demo:

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Published by António Lopes on April 12, 2013
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I’ve never actually been that much into cars but I have a general curiosity on how most things work and this includes the inner workings of vehicles. This golden-oldie video depicts the simple, yet effective, mechanism of differential steering, so if, like me, you didn’t know how this worked…well, now you know. Enjoy:


(thanks, Sérgio)

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What happens when you want to start a band and you can’t find just the right partners to play the other instruments? Well, you can use Legos NXT Mindstorms:


via @rechena

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That’s it, Codebits VI is over and I (and the rest of the team members) have reasons to be happy. Our project, ePutty, was quite popular amongst the folks at the conference and we got the 8th place at the 48 hours programming competition.

I could explain everything about the project but since we made a video for the competition, I might as well show it:

Initially, our goal was just to build something that could be used by children to model basic figures and then send them to a 3D printer. But given the popular demand at the event (we even got to be interviewed by national news and showed on national television at primetime), we think that this kind of product has a huge potential and can really help revolutionize 3D modeling for the masses.

Even Rob Bishop, from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, was so happy for the fact that we used a Raspberry Pi in the project that he tweeted about it:

As for the rest of the event, it was the usual epic stuff. Lots of great ideas jumping around (really cool projects this year), lots of junk food, lots of work and lots of fun (if Nerfs are banned for the next year’s edition, I’m pretty sure we’re the reason why).

The event is gaining such a dimension that, for next year’s edition, Sapo has already announced that it will take place both in Portugal and Brazil, simultaneously. I’d love to go to Brazil for that, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to Sapo for creating such a great event and big thanks to my team members, Basílio, Andreia and Pedro. Lobsters power. OOZ.

I can watch dogs running over a rainbow backdrop.

I can be hypnotized by the hypnotoad.

I can unroll a virtual roll of toilet paper.

I can dance around singing heyyyyy, hooooo.

I can paint virtual nails.

I can check if the good guys at CERN have already destroyed the world.

I can see a website that is sometimes blue and sometimes red.

I can check if my computer is on.

I can meet the watermelon duck.

I can turn a light on or off.

I can watch a dog lick my computer screen.

I can get free hugs from different people around the world.

I can even go to the end of the Internet.

But I cannot watch some video because some idiot decided that it should not be made available in my country.

(These interesting sites were kindly provided by The Useless Web)

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Brilliant video from the GoPro team to advertise their new GoPro HD Hero 3 camera:

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If you haven’t seen the Gangnam Style music video (by Psy) by now, you’re probably living in a cave with no Internet connection or any kind of connection to the outside world, for that matter. But don’t feel bad about it, the video has no particular feature (considering the amount of wonderful stuff you can find on the Internet nowadays) other than being caught in one of those meme phenomenons for simply being a borderline-funny and extravagant music video.

However, what’s interesting is not the original video itself. It’s the enormous wave of creativity that it spurted afterwards. I keep getting amazed at each and every one new video that appears on the interwebs. Here are just a few examples:

The 8-bit Gangnam Style:


If you like the elevator scene, well, you can watch it for 10 hours straight:


You can also enjoy the elevator scene on some very famous movie scenes:


A personal favourite, the Gangnam Style vs Ghostbusters mash:


And probably the funniest one yet, the video without any music, just his voice and background sounds:


The Internet is amazing!

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This Mercedes ad gives you a hint:

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