Web Development

Here are some of the websites that I’ve created:


Mosaic Photo Browser
Mosaic Photo Browser – a simple web app where you can browse your Instagram photos in a beautiful mosaic. More info here.


Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction – an addictive game where you just have to click on one of the balls in order to trigger a chain reaction that will (hopefully) destroy all of the balls. More info here.


Codebits Geeky UI
Codebits Geeky UI –  I decided to contribute to the Codebits event by using their own API to create a different (more geek-worthy) way to access the information on the website. More info here.


Portal Pong – One day I thought about what would it be like to combine the game Pong and Portal. Then, one Saturday afternoon, I implemented it. More info here.


Game of Life
Conway’s Game of Life – Another one of my weekend projects. It is as useless as it is hypnotic to watch. More info here.